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We started out with one goal in mind: to bring beverages to consumers that are “fresh” – the closest thing to nature that one can buy. That was the inspiration for TAJA (TAH-ZAH), which means “fresh” in Hindi.

TAJA Founder Nilang Patel notes,

“Growing up in a tropical country, I was lucky enough to experience the joyful taste of pure and fresh coconut water straight from the tree, but as the drink started to gain popularity in the U.S., I was disappointed to discover that none of the products I tasted came close to the coconut water that I grew up loving.

So, I set out to fix this problem, and after a few years of research, investigation and taste testing, I developed a technology that allows coconut water to remain exactly as nature intended: fresh, raw, clean and rich in nutrients.

Our patented, cold-filtered process keeps all of the nutrients in, without having to add anything extra – just the way nature intended.”

While we started with coconut water, we soon realized our patented technology and our passion could extend even further to coffees, teas, natural juices, shots and more. We keep it simple and fresh, using natural ingredients, adding nothing and taking nothing away. This results in products that taste as close to nature as you can find.

A firm believer in originality and innovation, we encourage and inspire consumers to push beyond the standard and choose TAJA. You’ll taste the difference of our powerful hydration – the ultimate reFRESHment!

Our Passion

Fresh is our passion.

From our cold-filtered process to our natural ingredients, refreshment is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re passionate believers that when beverages are fresh, pure and made from natural, simple ingredients, there’s no need to add anything extra. Our unique process makes fresh possible, keeping the most nutrients in, without heating or adding anything artificial. 

With TAJA, you’ll never need to wonder what’s in the bottle or what you’re putting into your body.

We believe fresh is always better and that nature always knows best. We bring fresh, powerful hydration to you. Taste the TAJA difference and enjoy the benefits.

Our Technology

Revolutionizing the beverage industry, TAJA has developed the worlds-first, all-natural, cold-filtered process to craft beverages unlike any other. This one-of-a-kind, patented technology, which requires no heat treatment or pasteurization, results in fresh, natural products.

Thanks to this process, our beverages retain 100% of their natural nutrient content. Our unique process delivers a better-tasting, powerfully-hydrating drinking experience – just as nature intended, with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Although this process is quite complex, we insist on offering nothing short of the freshest, delicious and most nutritious array of beverages possible.  Our process and our products are totally TAJA – which means “fresh” in Hindi. You can truly taste the difference.

Our Coconut Waters start with our intricate, three-part harvesting process and inventive, patented cold-filtering technology; the coconut water is extracted and processed directly from the fruit without any harmful heat, exposure to air or additives.

By maintaining the coconut water’s all-natural properties, we lock in the nutrients fundamental to the coconut. Additionally, since our coconut waters are never exposed to oxygen, they remain clear, rather than becoming pink or cloudy. 


Natural Coconut Water

TAJA, a certified minority-owned company, is committed to the environment and sustainability. 

We purchase our green tender coconuts from local farmers in India, near our factory. We support our local schools and community. 

We upcycle our manufacturing by-products into coco coir for hydroponics, jute and more. Even better, our uniquely-designed bottle is 100% recyclable, the first ever in the market!

Since the beginning of our journey to create the most delectable, fresh and genuine line of beverages on the market, we have been committed to not only maintaining the planet we live on, but also bettering it for the generations to come. TAJA’s company ethos aligns with nature. 


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The cucumber-infused coconut water is a universal favorite with broad appeal and crisp taste.


The jasmine coconut water reminds me of jasmine tea: refreshing and relaxing.


I just love the pineapple – it tastes so refreshing – in fact it’s the perfect pair.


Subtle is the word that comes to mind when I first sipped, as well as later. Unlike the other big brands of coconut water, I’ve tried a few times, TAJA actually does not taste too “coconut-flavored." Instead, the taste seems purer and more original in the sense that nothing seems to have been added to make it taste like coconut water. I supposed that’s the good thing and connects to their claim of straight from the coconut and all that. That said, the delivery packaging was amazing with cold freezer packs in the box, and the personalized welcome card was an unexpected, nice touch.


Authentic Indian fresh coconut flavor. Unlike other coconut waters with additives, this one is fresh and pure. Definitely buying more!


Great tasting product, excellent quality.

A. Kujawa

Now Available at H-E-B!