GO “COCO-NUTTY” TAJA COCONUT WATER CELEBRATES NATIONAL COCONUT DAY WITH THREE NEW INFUSED COCONUT WATER PRODUCTS Cucumber, Jasmine and Pineapple Infused Coconut Waters Provide Refreshing, Powerful Hydration   [ATLANTA, GEORGIA, June 24, 2021] – In celebration of National Coconut Day, June 26th, TAJA, the world’s first all-natural, cold-filtered

Today's recipe is a shaved ice, featuring our Pineapple-Infused Coconut Water – the perfect patriotic treat! Ingredients: - 4 C TAJA Pineapple-    Infused Coconut Water - 1/4 C superfine sugar - Sliced strawberries,    for garnish - Sliced blueberries,     for garnish - Coconut flakes,    for garnish   Instructions: - Combine TAJA Pineapple-Infused    Coconut Water and sugar in baking    dish and mix  -

Looking to escape the heat? Search no further! This month’s superfood smoothie recipe stars TAJA’s Original Coconut Water, Greek yogurt, cherries and other delicious ingredients, ideal for sunny afternoons at the height of summertime. 🍒 Ingredients: - 1 C TAJA Original    Coconut Water - 1/2 C plain nonfat     Greek yogurt - 1 1/2

Cool down with our Beet the Heat Smoothie and our thirst-quenching coconut water! Ingredients: - 1/2 C TAJA Original    Coconut Water - 1 /2 C fresh beet juice - 1/2 C frozen    strawberries - 1/2 banana - 1 t flaxseed   Instructions: - Combine all ingredients     in a blender and mix - Enjoy!