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Go “Coco-Nutty” TAJA Coconut Water Celebrates National Coconut Day with Three New Infused Coconut Water Products


Cucumber, Jasmine and Pineapple Infused Coconut Waters
Provide Refreshing, Powerful Hydration


[ATLANTA, GEORGIA, June 24, 2021] – In celebration of National Coconut Day, June 26th, TAJA, the world’s first all-natural, cold-filtered beverage company, has released three new, infused coconut waters, featuring cucumber, jasmine, and pineapple. When TAJA set out to create such nutrient-rich, powerfully hydrating beverages, it aspired to pioneer far beyond the original flavor, and with the wide-range taste options and desires of today’s consumers in mind, the decision was made to use fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to create rejuvenating infused options. Unlike many competitors who use artificial flavors, TAJA creates its infused products by putting authentic fruits, vegetables, and flowers in coconut water, making all the difference in quality and taste.


“Our unique patented process allows us to bring the natural fresh taste to consumers and we wanted to give consumers even more options to enjoy the great taste and powerful hydration. That’s why we expanded to include pineapple, cucumber, and jasmine-infused products,” said Nilang Patel, founder of TAJA. “Even better, our products have nothing artificial and nothing added – just the infusion of natural fruits, vegetables, and flowers.”


“Our unique patented process allows us to bring the natural fresh taste to consumers and we wanted to give consumers even more options to enjoy great taste and powerful hydration.”— Nilang Patel


TAJA’s Infused Coconut Waters starts with its intricate, three-part harvesting process and inventive, patented cold-filtering technology, and the coconut water is extracted and processed directly from the fruit without any harmful heat, air, or additives. By maintaining the coconut water’s all-natural properties, TAJA locks in the nutrients fundamental to the coconut. TAJA then places real fruit, vegetables, and flowers into the coconut water, allowing their flavors to truly infuse. This results in a beverage whose authenticity and cleanliness echo through its taste. Although this process is quite complex, TAJA insists on offering nothing short of the freshest, delicious, and most nutritious array of beverages possible.


TAJA’s Infused Coconut Waters taste unlike any other beverage on the market, and consumers have undoubtedly taken notice:

  • “I just love the pineapple coconut water – it tastes so refreshing.”
  • “The jasmine coconut water reminds me of jasmine tea: refreshing and relaxing.”
  • “The cucumber-infused coconut water is a universal favorite with broad appeal and crisp taste.”
  • “The balance of coconut and pineapple flavors is great…Looking forward to enjoying these all summer long.”
  • “TAJA has four great flavors that are not only good for after a workout…but also [for] when you need something light and a touch of flavor. I enjoy all of them.”


TAJA Coconut Waters are the perfect smoothie ingredient. They transform any and every beverage, completing it with TAJA’s deliciously distinct taste – a taste that instantly enhances its consumer’s favorite drinks. Among TAJA’s many smoothie recipes is its Papaya Pineapple Tropical Smoothie, of which the ingredients and instructions are included, both in an easy-to-follow video and image format.


A firm believer in originality and innovation, TAJA encourages and inspires its consumers to push beyond the standard and to choose TAJA.


TAJA Coconut Waters are the perfect smoothie ingredient. Try our Papaya Pineapple Tropical Smoothie which uses TAJA’s new Pineapple-Infused Coconut Water.


About TAJA Beverages

Revolutionizing the beverage industry, TAJA (which means “fresh” in Hindi) has developed the world’s first patented, all-natural, cold-filtered process to craft beverages unlike any other. This one-of-a-kind, patented technology, which requires no heat treatment, results in nutrient-rich products, its unique system delivering a better tasting, powerfully hydrating drinking experience. TAJA is committed to the environment and sustainability by purchasing from local farmers as well as by upcycling manufacturing by-products into coco coir for hydroponics, jute and more. TAJA currently offers four coconut waters (Original along with Cucumber, Jasmine and Pineapple-Infused), Natural Lemonade, Cold Brew Green Tea with Ginger, Cold Brew Coffee and three wellness shots. Products are available at select groceries, including H-E-B’s Healthy Living Section and Food Lion, as well as online at TAJA’s website and Amazon. To learn more about TAJA and its refreshing, innovative take on beverages, visit

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