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TAJA Multi- Choice Immunity Shot 2oz Btl – 4 x 6 Pks (24 Btls)


If you don’t want just one kind of shot – this mix and match multi-pack is for you.  You select which four (4) 6-packs of shots you want. Pick one, pick two, it’s up to you!  Ginger, coffee, turmeric – you decide the four – enjoy!!

Key Information

  • Cold-filtered
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher
  • Never heated or pasteurized
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Vegan
  • 100% raw


  • Turmeric juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Raw honey
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Extended Description

Extended Description

We started out with one goal in mind: to bring beverages to consumers that are “fresh” – the closest thing to nature that one can buy. That was the inspiration for TAJA (TAH-ZAH), which means “fresh” in Hindi.


Here’s to life well lived! With 25,000 mg of turmeric, this immunity shot is the perfect boost to get you through your day…and help you with your life!


Delivering you a shot that is all-natural, pure and best-tasting, its only ingredients are turmeric juice, lemon juice, water and raw honey. Ideal for on-the-go, our Turmeric Immunity Shot is perfectly-sized for portability and convenience.


Unlike other cold-pressed beverages, TAJA’s Turmeric Immunity Shot has a 6-month shelf life and is crafted with our patented cold-filtered process; it is never heat-treated or high pressure pasteurized, allowing it to maintain its micronutrients and rich taste.


Using a farm-to-shelf supply chain, all of our ingredients are sustainability and ethically sourced, and our bottles are 100% recyclable. Offering you nothing short of the most delicious, pure beverages, our Turmeric Immunity Shot is both great for our drinkers and for our Earth.


We keep it simple and fresh, using natural ingredients, adding nothing and taking nothing away. This results in products that taste as close to nature as you can find.

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