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Superfood Smoothies Featuring TAJA Coconut Water

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2021 / — Start the day by enjoying two deliciously-healthy superfood smoothies featuring TAJA Coconut Water. On the first Saturday of every month, TAJA posts a new superfood smoothie recipe on Instagram. TAJA’s Coconut Water (available in Original, Cucumber-Infused, Jasmine-Infused and Pineapple-Infused) is the world’s first all-natural, cold-filtered beverage of its kind. This innovative patented technology requires no heat treatment or pasteurization, resulting in products as fresh and authentic as nature intended.

TAJA Coconut Waters start with an intricate, three-part harvesting process and inventive, patented cold-filtering technology; the coconut water is extracted and processed directly from the fruit without any harmful heat, exposure to air or additives, locking in nutrients. Additionally, TAJA Coconut Waters are never exposed to oxygen, allowing them to remain clear, rather than pink or cloudy. 

This makes TAJA the ideal ingredient and staple for any and all smoothies, infusing within them a unique taste one can only experience with TAJA Beverages.

While we know the perfect smoothie is about the ingredients, it’s often tweaking the ratios that makes it tasty, delicious and the perfect texture. While we’ve provided some of our recipes below, you can customize them to your own tastes and preferences by using these smoothie tips:

– For thicker texture, use frozen fruits (bananas, strawberries, etc.)
– Also, for thicker texture, make ice cubes from TAJA Coconut Water
– Add peanut butter, almond butter, etc.
– Add poppy seeds, chia, nuts, etc.
– Add spinach, kale and other healthy leafy greens

Please feel free to share your favorite smoothie recipes using TAJA Beverages at #TAJATaste for the chance to be featured on our social media.

Autumn Leaves Lassi Ingredients:

– 1 C TAJA Pineapple-Infused Coconut Water
– 1 C plain yogurt
– 1/2 C milk
– 4 t honey or sugar
– 1 C mango chunks
– Dash ground cardamom or turmeric
– Ice (optional)


– Combine ingredients in a blender and mix

TropiKALE Smoothie Ingredients:

– 1 C TAJA Coconut Water (Original or Pineapple Infused)
– 1 C kale (remove stems)
– 1/2 orange
– 1/2 C pineapple
– 1/2 banana
– 1 T chia seeds (optional)
– Ice (optional)


– Combine ingredients in a blender and mix

About TAJA Beverages

Revolutionizing the beverage industry, TAJA has developed the world’s-first, patented, all-natural, cold-filtered process to craft beverages unlike any other. This one-of-a-kind, patented technology, which requires no heat treatment or pasteurization, results in nutrient-rich products; its unique system delivers a better tasting, powerfully hydrating drinking experience. TAJA, a certified minority-owned company, is committed to the environment and sustainability by purchasing from local farmers as well as upcycling manufacturing by-products into coco coir for hydroponics, jute and more. TAJA currently offers four coconut waters (original along with cucumber, jasmine and pineapple infused), natural lemonade, cold brew green tea with ginger, cold brew coffee and three wellness shots. Products are available at select groceries as well as online at TAJA’s website and Amazon. To learn more about TAJA and its refreshing, innovative take on beverages, visit

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