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Taja launches the worlds first all natural cold filtered coconut water

Coconut Water Brand Uses First Ever Patented Cold-Filtering Process

LOS ANGELES (February 2, 2019) – TAJA Coconut, an innovative, new coconut water brand, announced today the launch of its non-GMO and sugar-free bottled coconut water. TAJA’s patented, cold-filtered three-part process extracts the coconut water while keeping all the nutrients intact by avoiding the application of harmful heat, air or additives.

Created with a commitment to let the world taste coconut water the way nature intended, TAJA harvests each coconut at 90 days, the perfect age to deliver a balanced flavor and crystal-clear color.

“Growing up in a tropical country, I was lucky enough to experience the joyful taste of pure and fresh coconut water straight from the tree, but as the drink started to gain popularity in the U.S., I was disappointed to discover that none of the products I tasted came close to the coconut water that I grew up loving,” explained TAJA’s Founder Nilang Patel. “So I set out to fix this problem, and after a few years of research, investigation and taste testing, I developed a technology that allows coconut water to remain exactly as nature intended: raw, clean and pure.”

TAJA works with local coconut tree farmers to help neutralize and improve each coconut’s soil condition. Within 48 hours of being picked, TAJA’s coconuts are delivered to their factory and bottled using their patented cold-filtered process. TAJA is also committed to sustainability, minimizing waste by grinding the empty coconut shells into compost for organic fertilizer, which is then used to grow more coconut trees

“Though our process isn’t the easiest way to harvest coconut water, purity is at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to taking every step necessary to preserve all the nutrients of the natural nut, and most importantly, its true taste,” says Patel. “The decision behind our clear bottles highlights our commitment toward 100% transparency to consumers and to delivering the freshest coconut water possible.”

TAJA invites consumers to leave behind the artificial coconut waters and beverages they have grown accustomed to, replacing them with the unforgettable, gratifying TAJA difference.

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