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TAJA Products Now Available At Sprouts Farmers Market


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TAJA Original and Pineapple-Infused Coconut Waters and
Cold Brew Green Tea with Ginger Now Available at Sprouts

TAJA, the world’s first all-natural, cold-filtered beverage company, has three products, Original and Pineapple-Infused Coconut Waters and Cold Brew Green Tea with Ginger, now available for purchase in Sprouts Farmers Market locations throughout the United States.

When TAJA set out to create such nutrient-rich, powerfully-hydrating beverages, it aspired to pioneer far beyond the standard, taking the beverage industry by storm and redefining what it means to live life healthily and clean. Made from simple, fresh ingredients, TAJA started out with one goal in mind…to bring beverages to consumers that are “fresh”…the closest thing to nature that one can buy. That was the inspiration for TAJA (TAH ZAH) which means “fresh” in Hindi.

“While we started with coconut water, we soon realized our patented cold-filter technology and our passion could extend even further…to coffees, teas, natural juices, shots and more,” said Nilang Patel, founder of TAJA Beverages. “We keep it simple and fresh…using natural ingredients – adding nothing and taking nothing away. This results in products with powerful hydration that taste as close to nature as you can find. We’re excited that we can bring these reFRESHing products to Sprouts stores nationwide.”

TAJA’s Original and Pineapple-Infused Coconut Waters were some of the company’s first products. While the original offering is a classic staple, the Pineapple-Infused is a fresh, reimagined take on the aforementioned drink, made solely by placing fresh pineapple in the coconut water allowing it to truly “infuse” without any artificial ingredients.

On the other hand, TAJA’s ready-to-drink, Unsweetened Cold Brew Green Tea with Ginger is one of its newest products.

Just like the brand’s other products, this tea is cold-filtered and never heated or pasteurized, allowing it to retain its rich taste. Unlike other teas currently in the marketplace, TAJA’s is the world’s first cold-brew tea and is made with Darjeeling tea and authentic, fresh ginger root.
With their entry in more than 360 Sprouts stores spanning across 23 states, TAJA beverages are now readily accessible to consumers who prefer in-store grocery shopping to online, or to anyone who is in search of convenient refreshments.

Each beverage is affordably priced at $3.49 per 10-ounce bottle.

TAJA’s Coconut Waters and Cold Brew Green Tea with Ginger taste unlike any other beverages on the market, and consumers have undoubtedly taken notice:

“I just love the pineapple [coconut water] – it tastes so refreshing – in fact, it’s the perfect pair.”

“The balance of coconut and pineapple flavors is great…Looking forward to enjoying these all year long.”

“TAJA has…great flavors that are not only good for after a workout…but also [for] when you need something light and a touch of flavor. I enjoy all of them.”

“I love the cold brew green tea – the ginger is so fresh.”

This expansion is part of the company’s overall strategy to grow its brand and message and to spread natural-mindedness to its consumers, old and new alike, ultimately reminding all of the importance of nourishing one’s body and mind.

About TAJA Beverages
Revolutionizing the beverage industry, TAJA has developed the world’s-first, patented, all-natural, cold-filtered process to craft beverages unlike any other.

This one-of-a-kind, patented technology, which requires no heat treatment or pasteurization, results in nutrient-rich products; its unique system delivers a better tasting, powerfully hydrating drinking experience. TAJA, a certified minority-owned company, is committed to the environment and sustainability by purchasing from local farmers as well as upcycling manufacturing by-products into coco coir for hydroponics, jute and more. TAJA currently offers four coconut waters (original along with cucumber, jasmine and pineapple infused), natural lemonade, cold brew green tea with ginger, cold brew coffee and three wellness shots.

Products are available at select groceries as well as online at TAJA’s website and Amazon. To learn more about TAJA and its refreshing, innovative take on beverages, visit

About Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.
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Headquartered in Phoenix, and one of the fastest-growing retailers in the country, Sprouts employs approximately 35,000 team members and operates more than 360 stores in 23 states nationwide. To learn more about Sprouts, and the good it brings communities, visit

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