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Taja’s Focus On Sustainability

Bottles 100% Recyclable and Manufacturing By-products Upcycled to Coco Coir and More

ATLANTA, GA, In a world of ever-increasing environmental uncertainties, what is certain is TAJA’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. From upcycling its manufacturing by-products and creating a 100% recyclable bottle to supporting its local economy working with neighboring farmers and educating school children, TAJA’s company ethos aligns with nature.

“There is no part of an innovative product that does not commit itself to sustainability,” said TAJA’s founder and CEO, Nilang Patel, and TAJA lives by such a statement. “Since the beginning of our journey to create the most delectable and genuine line of beverages on the market, we have been committed to not only maintaining the planet we live on, but also to bettering it for the generations to come.”

One of many instances displaying TAJA’s sustainable efforts is illustrated in its first product: coconut water. TAJA upcycles this beverage’s manufacturing waste, the outermost coconut husks, and repurposes them to create a fiber known as coir, which is then used in a plethora of items including ropes, doormats, matting and canvas bags.

Additionally, TAJA distinctively uses its coir to make a form of soil replacement known as coco coir, which is often highlighted for its unique water retention abilities, its capacity to replenish and enhance an environment and soil and its incorporation in hydroponics – the latter utilizes as little as 17% of the water traditional agriculture would spend through its process.

TAJA’s uniquely designed bottle is the industry’s first 100% recyclable bottle in the market.

While TAJA thinks globally, it also acts locally. Its factory is housed in the southmost part of India, Tamil Nadu. When Patel set out to create this inventive product, he aspired to replicate the nostalgic taste of fresh coconut water that defined his childhood in India, ultimately realizing there was no better way of achieving such a taste than by producing it at its source.

Theni District in Tamil Nadu state is a rural region, with a working-class population of local farmers and their families. TAJA is proud to support this community by providing them with a safe and stable work environment at its manufacturing center and is fortunate to have the resources to maintain the product’s authenticity, offering our consumers nothing short of the most delicious, pure beverages that are both good for our drinkers, and for our Earth. The company also provides support for local education.

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