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Trailblazing the beverage industry, natures way

Innovator Nilang Patel’s Biography

With over 30 years of consumer, food and beverage experience, Nilang Patel has been developing and launching innovative and disruptive technologies that have transformed consumer products and the marketplace as a whole.

He has long been an industry innovator, holding responsibility for key technological advancements such as Coke’s Freestyle beverage machine, freeze-dried berries in Kellogg’s Special K cereal and Keurig’s cold beverage solution, among many others.

Due to his strong research and development instincts, Patel holds numerous patents, and many of today’s everyday conveniences are a result of his expertise.

Patel is unique with his experience and ability to work both as a corporate executive and entrepreneur, often simultaneously. Patel established and led innovation and R&D centers for Fortune 500 companies including the Coca-Cola Company, Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods and Oscar Meyer.

Entrepreneurially, he established his own distribution business and owned and operated numerous independent businesses as well. Most recently, he launched Ceves Beverages LLC, where he has crafted an entirely new means of cold-filtered beverage production.

He has developed multiple technological and integration platforms, including an unparalleled, patented technology: the first cold-filtered process yielding a pure, raw and fresh product perfect for a wide array of beverages.

The company’s first product, TAJA Coconut Water, is a rejuvenating, nutrient-rich beverage, available in original and three infused options, and the company has now expanded its product line to include cold brew coffee, cold brew tea, natural juices, including lemonade and wellness shots, thus redefining healthy, powerful hydration for all.

Through his other company, Ceves Agro Products, Patel has not only created an unprecedented, cold-filtered beverage process, but has also developed a distinct coconut grow medium that is perfect for hydroponics and is embraced by today’s horticulture enthusiasts.

Patel holds an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and a Master’s in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and family.

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